Chennaites! We Have Our Very Own Curtis Stone And She Can Add Pizzazz And Flavour To Everything!

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What Makes It Awesome

Yes! Your Take Home Chef fantasies can now be a reality, and you have Chef Payal Rajankar to thank for it. Coming from a family of caterers and with an experience of serving at star hotels for five years, Rajankar started The Gourmet Gig in July last year. And just like how Curtis Stone would whip up fancy meals in home kitchens on the show, Rajankar helps curate and host fancy, customised meals in the comforts of your home. 

For all those of you who love having people over for meals, The Gourmet Gig can make it 10x fancier with its extensive dining services that cover everything from putting together course meals and serving them to setting up the table with crockery, cutlery, name cards and the whole shebang. Five-course meals, seven-course meals, wine and food pairings, high tea parties - they cater to all kinds of food sit-downs. 

The best part - there is no minimum headcount here. You can opt for The Gourmet Gig to host a romantic candlelight dinner for two or a buffet for 50. The entire experience is customised right from jotting down your preferences to working on a menu together that would best suit your needs. As for the cuisines, their offerings range from Moroccan, Italian, French and Mexican to Modern Indian. Everything is prepared by Chef Payal herself, who then brings the food to the venue and sets up a workstation in your kitchen. Her team then helps set up the dining area and roll out the courses one by one. Once everything is done, they clean up space fully, leaving you reeling from the awesome flavours her dishes impart. 

Prices start from about INR 2500 per head, depending upon the menu chosen. 


For all those of you who just want to get a taste of Chef Payal's curated meals, you can opt for pop-up dining gigs which she hosts every month. Here you can buy a ticket for a fine dining experience in a community table setting. Pretty awesome, we think!  


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