Doodle Up Your Happiness With This Artist On Instagram

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The Kirukal

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This artist has a store online that changes your story into a doodle and it couldn't get cuter!

What Makes It Awesome

Abstract your life on paper like just how aptly abstract it is. Anita and Madhumita Kishor Kumar run their very own illustration page on Instagram, known as The Kirukal, and it is very much sellable! Both of them create adorable illustrations and doodles on paper. Looking for a caricature? They will make you the hippest ones! If you want to get any done from them, you just have to tell them your story or concept or even idea and they will doodle it up from scratch using just a pencil and paper, both coloured as well as black and white.

The Kirukal makes their art on A3 as well as A4 size papers. If you want your doodle framed then, it will cost you INR 2500 for A3 and INR 1700 for A4 or you can just go without a frame as well. It also makes for perfect gift options. Just imagine your bestie's face when you gift her an all personalised framed doodle to put it up on her bedside or a huge poster size on her wall! They even make pocket-sized ones, to carry it around or just make it more portable at the price of INR 500 with frame.

You can also buy fancy painted bottles at The Kirukal with cute little fairy lights. They use recyclable and reusable bottles only so if you were planning to throw those hordes of beer bottles while cleaning up to welcome her home, might as well put them to good use with Anita and Madhumita. This is a great chance to get some hipster into your homes! 

What Could Be Better

Although they are new it would be great if they could come out with their own range of stationaries and T-shirt pritning.


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