Dance or Pilates Your Way To Fitness At The Movement Studio!

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Learn professional ballet or sign up for Pilates at this dance school and fitness studio, which will help you ace those #getfit goals.

What Makes It Awesome

Nope, The Movement Studio teaches dance and exercise separately. They’re a qualified dance school with courses offered by the recognised Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CTSD). They’ve also got fitness programmes run by certified trainers in Pilates, strength and conditioning and yoga. The idea behind The Movement Studio is to essentially focus on holistic movement – dance and exercise. This focus on holistic movement to reaching fitness goals is functional and more engaging than running on a treadmill.

The Movement Studio offers dance classes in jazz, ballet, Kathak, and hip-hop. Classes are split in an age-wise and skill wise manner (professional and recreational). Each batch is curated based on age with the two ends being, separate ballet classes for adults and creative movement sessions for tiny tots (ages three and above). Sessions happen predominantly in the mornings and evenings and can vary from one to three times per week, once again depending on the interest and skill of the trainee.

The studio offers three fitness programmes namely, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, and yoga. They also operate as a mobile studio, so if you’ve got some space at home and a bunch of interested friends, they can have trainers sent to your location! This service extends to all their programmes except for ballet and contemporary dance. Both their dance and fitness programs are highly customisable and the prices can vary between INR 1,500 per month to INR 2,500 to 3,000 per month. If you’re unsure about what classes are for you, don’t worry they take your goals and current fitness levels into consideration and provide suggestions based on them.


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