Relive Your Childhood With These Vegan, Ice Candies!

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The Perf Ice Candy is the coolest (literally) solution to tackling Chennai's humidity while also evoking a fair share of nostalgia all through its handcrafted, ice candies. 

What Makes It Awesome

Beat the heat is probably something we always strive to do, here in Chennai. But as always, with a show of a little bit of optimism, you can find a silver lining too. Ours is being able to enjoy cold delights all through the year. This takeaway place presents just another delightful escape (that goes through the stomach) from the humidity. Located in Anna Nagar, The Perf Ice Candy offers pretty ice lollies on a stick starting just INR 30. 

Made with fruit pulp, sugar and water, The Perf Ice Candy offers flavours like lime, watermelon, grape, orange, sugarcane and more. If you love mango, you must get your hands on their mango ice candy before they disappear from the markets. We tried their tender coconut ice candy and loved how refreshing it was. 

They have also added flavours like sweet lime and grape and lemonade to their list. Keen on offering the freshest taste of fruit, these ice candies are made every day and do not come with any preservatives. If you're keen on ordering them in bulk, The Perf Ice Candy can do that too with an advanced notice. Cool off and grab a candy today. 


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