Waste No More: Thrift Shop, Sell Or Donate With This Local E-Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Thrifting is thriving! That's what we feel after checking out The Rebirth Collective's Instagram page. A local platform for selling, donating and shopping pre-owned clothing and furniture, this initiative is changing the way we look at waste! What started as an offshoot of India Wasted, a waste solution company, is now a dedicated online thrift store open to retail houses as well as individuals, and we have Ann Anra, the brain behind both these brands to thank for it. 

Looking to shop? You can find everything from kidswear in brands like Pepe Jeans, Zara and Gap, button-downs and denim from Giordano and Polo in menswear to dresses, tops, jumpsuits and shirts from Forever 21, Ginger, H&M. We also spotted some local brands like The Bleu Label, The Button Theif Co, Studio 9696 and more. 

Got wedding wear you spent lots of money on but can't really find any use for it right now? Or old bedsheets that can be used for making something else? Hit up The Rebirth Collective. Yes, apart from selling or donating your belongings, you can also get your furniture or outfits repurposed here. Working closely with fashion houses and interior designers, you can bet that these guys will do their best to make sure your belongings don't end up in a landfill! 

The process is pretty simple too. Right from picking up your belongings from your doorstep to fixing them for repairs and delivering them to the end customer, The Rebirth Collective takes care of everything. The pricing both for shopping and selling is decent too. 

Find a whole list of thrift shopping sites in India here. 


They'll be launching their website soon and we can't wait for it! 


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