Pretty Scrumptious Dishes Directly From The Royal Kitchens Of India!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Sattva, Tamas, and Rajas. Well, these are not Greek and Latin. Royal Vega justifies eating right and eating what in season. That's Ayurveda. Striking the flavours of both North and South India.

Royal Vega thali offers scrumptious meals in a super luxurious ambience and ethnic seatings. Eat like a king. That's a reality in this place. Their specially curated thali called as Ritu Khasa is a seasoned thali where the menu changes once in every three months. Jasmine rice in this Thali is a simple, yet exemplifying technique to make rice as flavourful it could be. You feel feather light even after a big thali. Well, that's good food after all!

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