Clocks To Furniture, This Design Store In Nungambakkam Curates Luxury Home Decor And It's Lit Af!

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The Signature Studio in Nungambakkam is an interior design studio which has designer-made home decor collectables from around the world. It's time to add a luxury zing to your home!

What Makes It Awesome

If you are an artsy person and like to go a mile to make your home stand out, then this design studio in Nungambakkam is definitely a place for you to check out. From custom made clocks to animal design furniture, The Signature Studio has a lot to offer, with each piece worthy of swooning on. They even customise fans according to your need with different materials from wooden to metallic, be it ceiling fans, pedestal fans, hornet, tripod fans or heritage fans.

If you like showpieces for decoration, then they have a limited collection of fruit sculptures, caricatures and animal furniture with an available size chart. Getting late will probably get simpler with their custom made wall clocks; each design having a  story of its own.

The Signature Studio also has an “Artistic Live” collection where the studio partners with artists to release a conceptual furniture design. The furniture is a complete brainchild of the artist and is made out of iron wire, wood and electronic component to give an all-around story experience. They come in limited numbers and the collection keeps changing based on the newer creations that get added. You can collect them at their store for a minimum of INR 12,000 and build your definition of home!


You will have to place the orders for Artistic Live collection as and when they release. Keep checking their websites for the newest pieces as they feature new artists' work every now and then. 


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