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Scenic Sights To Killer Food: Here's Why Going To Marina Beach Never Gets Old!

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Apart from holding the title of the longest beach in Asia, Marina Beach is where a lot (and we really do mean a lot) of Chennaites go to spend their free time with friends and family. Yes, it does get pretty crowded in the evenings, but when beach is bae nothing else matters. Here are the things we love doing at the ever sunny, ever sandy Marina Beach. Check them out. 

The Lighthouse

Here’s a history lesson: the lighthouse at Marina Beach was built in 1976 by East Coast Constructions and Industries (who also constructed the Gemini Flyover). So yeah, it really is pretty iconic and very much open to the public. Did you know that it is also one of the few in the world that has an elevator and is also solar-powered? Get here if you want a fantastic view of the beach, the Bay of Bengal and the cityscape in general. And the best part? The entry costs just INR 20.

Sundari Akka Kadai

Craving some yummy, fresh seafood? Stop by Sundari Akka’s famous kadai and ask for home-style prawns fry, fish fry, crab and rice. She uses special marinades that will set your palate on fire. She’s open for lunch and dinner, and you can even give her a call to know if her stall is open (during the rains). Can’t find her colourful kiosk on the long stretch? Just type in Sundari Akka Kadai on GPS, and you’re sorted.

Street Food Galore

What’s a trip to the beach without nibbling on some local snacks, eh? After a long walk by the coast or dipping your feet in the cool cascading waters, take a break with a snack. Get everything from roasted corn, mango slices with chilli powder and cotton candy to bajjis, sundal, ice cream and more. The local vendors are only happy to serve, and it usually doesn’t cost more than INR 50. For more street food places in the city, click here. 

Heritage Spotting

Gawk at the many Indo-Saracenic buildings spread across this long stretch. Morning and evening walks are perfect to catch just a little sun and while doing so you can spot the many lovely buildings. Be amazed by the Colonial-style architecture — from University of Madras’ Senate House to Presidency College and Fort St George, and more. You can even find statues in the honour of Mahatma Gandhi and memorials of politicians like MGR and Annadurai. Get a dose of history and culture the next time you head to this beach. For more heritage structures in the city, click here. 

Working Out

The promenade, the concrete seating area, SmartBike stations for hiring bicycles and miles and miles of sand - working out at Marina has its own charm. You've got beautiful views of the sun, the birds, water hitting the shore and also so much calm and quiet to experience (right before the dawn). How can we not have this on the list? Go for a jog or a game of frisbee or even cricket with your squad - we bet you will get hooked to it. 

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!