Check Out These Top Indoor Activities For Kids

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Home alone with the kids and wondering how to keep them entertained? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Here's a list of top indoor activities that you can try out and make every day, a fun day for your little ones.


This fun activity can help everyone bond fabulously. Having kids help you follow a step-by-step instruction or whisk together their favourite dish will keep amused and also teach them patience and discipline. 

Playing Board Games

Take your little ones off the phone screens and engage them in the ultimate traditional indoor games that involve both thinking as well as creativity. Games like Snake & Ladder, Monopoly, Catan Junior are perfect for hours of family fun. 

Scavenger Hunt time

Organise a fun treasure hunt for your mischievous ones and get their brains working. Make the whole process interesting by hiding objects that they really adore and weaving in fun clues and hints. This will surely keep them amused and interested. 


If you think your little brats have been good, you can definitely treat them to a good movie at home. With dim lights and homemade popcorn, rest assure they won't move around for good two to three hours. 


There are plenty of exercises for kids that can be done at home to keep them active and healthy. This can also be an excuse to get you and your family back on track to a healthy lifestyle by exercising together. Make your workout fun by engaging your children with you.


Visual books and audiobooks are great ways to get your kids to learn something new and useful every day. Make it a routine or choose days to keep the activity fun for them. 

Get Artsy

From simple thumbprint art to drawing or painting, there's lots your kids can learn at home. DIY kits are also great to keep your little ones engaged and also teach them patience and discipline. 


Give your child a book to express their moods and interests. From simple drawings to writing something every day about the things they love, will definitely make them think and also get them into the practice of journaling. 


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