Chocolate Dosa Or Pizza Dosa? Dig Into 99 Varieties Of Dosa At This Joint

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Tosai is a tiny street food outlet that’s popping up in various parts of the city and serving up to 99 kinds of dosa. From a pizza dosa to one that’s stuffed with American chopsuey, they have it all!

What Makes It Awesome

For all you dosa lovers out there, Check out Tosai for variety dosas that are something more than just potato stuffing inside. Tosai has a whopping 99 varieties – from healthy palak dosas to cheesy triple burst dosas and chocolate cream dosas, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Their best-selling dosai is the Hatrick Dosa that comes with spicy masala chutney spread all over, with some veggies and is stuffed with loads of cheese. The presentation of the hatrick dosa is apparently really good as the dosa is cut into three pieces that are placed vertically on the plate and are topped off with some more grated cheese. All their dosas are served with two chutneys, a coconut one and a pudina chutney. Other favourites at Tosai are Pizza Dosa (comes with all things pizza except the base that’s a dosa), Palak Paneer Dosa (dosa spread with palak paneer gravy inside), American Chopsuey Dosa (American chopsuey cooked inside a dosa), Pav Bhaji Chilli Dosa (dosa stuffed with spicy bhaji masala) and the Chocolate Dosa that is stuffed with chocolate cream, dry fruits and cherries.

Tosai is a tiny food kiosk and there’s not much in terms of seating arrangements. Waiting time can get to you especially if your near the two hot pans being used for cooking. But if you can brave that and love experimenting with food, you’ll enjoy trying something new. You can also order in from Tosai through Swiggy but it’s best to eat from their outlets so you can enjoy hot dosa combos which cost between INR 30 and 140.


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