Profiteroles To Belgian Chocolates, This Confectionery Serves All Kinds Of Fancy Desserts!

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What Makes It Awesome

Truly Scrumptious in Adyar is the place to be if you're looking to belt in on some exotic desserts. Having been in the dessert making business for nearly ten years, this place offers about 130 varieties of desserts spread across ice creams, tarts, cakes, pies and more. The set up in Adyar is fairly new, and looks quite cosy!

Pavlovas, Mississippi mud pies, profiteroles, chocolate fudge and mousse jars are some of their more popular dessert offerings. While profiteroles have been sold only on a made-to-order basis so far, we hear they may soon be sold from the counter, like their other tarts and pastry slices. These are all available only between Friday and Sunday, though. In their customised dessert options, Truly Scrumptious offers cakes, cupcakes, chocolate boxes and bars. 

However, you can enjoy their ice creams and brownies all through the week. These are their fastest-selling dessert options with ice creams ranging in flavours like Vanilla Bean, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Rose Pistachio and more. You can also binge on a scoop or two of fresh fruit ice creams like Sitaphal here. The combo of vanilla bean and coffee cinnamon ice cream with Ferrero Rocher brownies is apparently to die for, and we cannot wait to try it out. They even do sorbets and flavoured butters. But it's not just all things sweet at Truly Scrumptious. They also sell Andhra style mutton pickle and pork pickle to keep the South Indian flavours in check. 

What Could Be Better

Their ice creams are vegetarian, but not their baked items. Eggless versions are prepared only on order basis. 


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