Act-it Out At This Academy In Valasaravakkam

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Check-out this theatre and arts group for a range of courses they have to offer. They teach arts like theatre, dance, mixed martial arts and singing

What Makes It Awesome

Udayas Proscenium is a studio just off the main road in Valasaravakkam. They work with both adult and children and have conducted multiple plays over the last twenty one years after they launched in 1997. They have now added a whole variety of classes including mixed martial arts. They recently conducted their Skills camp 2.0 which lasted for six days. 

Proscenium further conducted a Theatre workshop which was for five days. The workshop was free and was taught by Phil King, Daniella Franaszek and Bharati Mayandi Franazek. They often work with school productions for plays and conduct theatre workshops with them. Their last such workshop was with Sri Sankara Secondary School where they produced skits and mime acts.

They conduct summer and winter camps for kids, while simultaneously running classes for adults. They cover Mime, Dance, Play activities and martial arts. They have worked with children from the age of five to adults the age of 60. If you are looking for some fun character building time, Udayas Proscenium should be your next stop!


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