This New ECR Cafe Is Offering Unlimited Thin Crust Pizza At INR 550 + Tax & We Tried It Out

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Veg or non veg, the unlimited pizza deal at The Hub on ECR needs to be tried out. Plus, the deal is on thin crust pizzas with fancy toppings, you guys!

Pizza 101

This isn’t clickbait. It’s true. The Hub at ECR is a recently opened cafe/restaurant that has a Monday to Thursday, 11am to 11pm, unlimited pizza offer for INR 550 plus tax. The offer has five non vegetarian pizzas and six vegetarian pizzas you can choose from, and the price is the same for either. And the best part? You can do a mix of both kinds under this deal. Now you must note that these aren’t your run-of-the-mill fast food pizzas — the pizzas are thin crust and come with fresh ingredients.

We loved the Hub Special Vegetarian Pesto Pizza, thanks to its super fresh pesto and rich mozzarella cheese, the other vegetarian stand out was the Quattro Formaggi, which has mozzarella, ricotta, Grano Padano and blue cheese, provided you love cheese and can handle loads of it. Their non vegetarian top picks for us were the Classic Pepperoni and the Gameroni which had prawns, olives, caper berries and tomatoes on a bed of cheese.

So to answer the million dollar question, yes you can eat unlimited pizzas for 12 straight hours at The Hub. Do note that they don’t allow takeaway on this deal, so you’re going to have to make the trek to ECR if you want in. However, is it worth it? Yes and no. Yes if you can eat two or more {approximately} pizzas, no if you can’t. If you’re someone who can’t eat more than one pizza then you’re better off sticking to the pizzas on their regular menu as they’re slightly cheaper than INR 550. Thankfully we at LBB, have been blessed with big appetites and managed to wolf down five pizzas between two of us. So if you’re like us, we definitely recommend checking it out.

If copious amounts of thin crust pizza doesn’t take your fancy, they have a wide menu and two other deals going too — a four course set meal and a burger fest going on for February and they’re adding an additional deal next month {pssst.. it’s on lobsters!}.

For more about The Hub at ECR, check them out here and on Facebook here.


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