Treat Your Urban Consciousness With Comfy Trends From This Store In Ampa Skywalk

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are looking for something to adhere to your machoness, this brand in Ampa Skywalk will totally help you out. Located on the 1st floor, Urban Touch sells exactly what their name says - something for every urban man out there. Their apparel is meant to give a highlight to the natural ruggedness of a man while staying on-trend and not to forget, comfort. They have graphic tees, polo shirts, shirts as well as sweaters. If you are looking to have that perfect solid gym wear, they have plain fitting round tees in black, white, grey, olive and even melange starting at INR 499.

Although, it is their shirts that have hit it up with us to be our favourites. Like everyone, we also like us a well-dressed gentleman. Urban Touch sells some crisp buttoned-down shirt in solids as well as fading patterns. You can go for a full-sleeved one or even three-fourth sleeves. Their light grey shirt with light patterns in white and black makes for perfect workwear and boy, the handsomeness in that is almost sinful. They have shirts in olive green and beige also. If you want to go for bold colours, then you could choose to go for a fluorescent blue as well. 

Urban Touch houses trousers, denim and shorts too. While you could go for a formal black, brown or ochre trousers for a day at work, you could always go for something different with their checked or striped skinny trousers. If you are confident enough, you could totally pull off a white trouser with a floral printed shirt. However, for the all-time love for denim, they have comfort jeans, skinny jeans as well as slim fit jeans in an array of blues and blacks. If too much cover isn't comforting enough, then they have a range of shorts for that all-year summer look as well. Printed or solids, you have your favourites to pick!


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