Do You Have Memories From This 60-Year-Old Bakery In Mandaveli?

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Known as ‘nostalgia shop’ among locals, Verghese Bakery in Mandaveli remains in the hearts of its loyal customers even after six decades. Have you been there yet?

What Makes It Awesome

If you grew up around Mylapore, Mandaveli, or even Santhome, you will know Verghese Bakery, especially for its sweet cakes and crunchy puffs. But, more than the food, the childhood of many people seem to be rooted to this 60-year-old bakery. We at LBB fondly remember snacking on their desserts right after school. 

If you did too, remember the butter cake? (high five!) The butter cake at this bakery is to die for! Originally known as Vietnam Cake, this butter cake (as the customers call it) is fluffy, light sweetness cut into proportionate pieces and displayed in the oval glass jars. It was priced at INR 15 around 2010. We swung by recently and the price is still the same! It's still delish and we're loving the budget prices!

Back then, there was only puffs, butter cakes, plum cakes, and butter biscuits. But now, they have added sandwiches, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate doughnut, cookies, honey boxes, and pizza starting INR 25. There are non-vegetarian options, too! The owner's son, Alex Verghese tells us that business couldn’t be better. Every day, around 20 customers stop by to share their childhood memories of the bakery and buy loads of cakes and cookies. Sometimes, they just come and reminisce their school days and fighting over butter cakes, he says. The iconic look of the shop hasn’t changed since 1958, and there are no plans of changing it, he tells us. 

Verghese Bakery may soon be on Swiggy (yay!), but we recommend you go there and enjoy the baked goodies. Who knows, maybe a memory from your childhood will catch up with you! 


This might be a really tiny bakery, but you'll still find parking space. 


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