Beat the Heat and Experience a Snowy Escape here in Chennai!

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What Makes It Awesome

At Injambakkam, while the sun is shining bright and making you sweat, there lies a hidden gem that will take you to winter wonderland. Snow Kingdom by VGP is giving you an unparalleled experience that will make your children and the child in you happy! From fun activities to fascinating snowscapes, a visit to Snow Kingdom will give you a one of a kind experience in Chennai. It is surely going to be a refreshing escape from the head and as temperatures soar outside inside this icy place you will be greeted with a snowy -8°C environment.

Before you head on to your snowy adventure, you will be given gear to combat the chills. From cosy jackets to sturdy boots, Snow Kingdom ensures that you are well prepared to tackle frosty temperatures. We do advise you to wear fully covered clothes, especially for your children if you feel as though they may not be able to adjust to the temperatures for a while so they can stay warm and comfortable through the one-hour experience. The fun begins as soon as you step in. You have plenty to do during your slot, from snowball fights to sledging down icy slopes, There is no shortage of snow fun here. Children can play in the snow building snowmen, or bouncing on the snow trampoline.

Start the fun with a thrilling snow trek, presenting the experience of a scaling snow capped peak. While you're equipped with warm gear you can conquer icy terrain with ease. After your trek, head over to the snow slides which is more of a fun and adrenaline pumping activity. Glide down effortlessly across the icy slopes with the cool wind in your face as you go down. The main attraction is the snowfield, and end your snowy escapade with the snow disco where you can dance with your friends under the lights amidst a backdrop of white snow. There is plenty to do for your one hour slot. Apart from snowy enjoyment you can explore additional attractions such as a 12D experience, and Click Art museum, giving you a diverse range of entertainment options for the entire family.

We will mention some minor setbacks though, the quality of the gear provided can be a concern. Previous visitors have mentioned the gear being torn or inadequate. Children have mentioned that snow boots can be uncomfortable because of the excessive chilliness and dampness inside of the boots. Yet, the staff is dedicated to going above and beyond ensuring you, your family and friends will be comfortable. From helping out with the costumes to providing relief from the cold, their attentiveness and hospitality are well appreciated by the visitors.

Similar to any amusement park, we do advise booking your slot in advance. Book directly through the website and select a convenient date and time. With fixed slots throughout the day planning your visit will ensure a comfortable and stress free environment especially if you're going in a group.

Snow Kingdom gives Chennaiites a unique and fun experience, no matter what age but surely for all children who wish to experience snow. If you're looking for an escape from the heat or simply a fun filled day with the family, this park delivers just that. 

Ticket Cost: INR 750 (adult),  INR 650 (children)

Timings: Everday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM    


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