Your Favourite Boho Shop Is Starting New Ventures From Dream Catchers And Here Is Why You Should Check Them Out Now!



    Warpworks on Instagram isn't just about dream catchers anymore. Sushma has started experimenting with her threads and her home decors are the hippiest makes!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Fairy lights, coloured walls and breezy paths, to be a wanderer in the wild, you have to feel it through and through. What's better than a dream catcher to do that? Warpworks by Sushma which had been specialising in making dream catchers earlier have now extended their threadworks to so much more. It is all about being a child of the wild with the hand made products! Tapestries to wall hangings, you can now find the hippest of products from them.

    Want to add a little colour to your room? Nothing more trippy than a tie-dyed tapestry to hang. Drape in some fairy lights around it and your room will be glowing with charm. Warpworks also makes beaded boho tapestries and tapestries out of hemp! The intricacy with which these are made had us on our toes. Sushma uses these tapestries to make plant hangers as well. You can always get one done according to how you want it. You can get them at INR 200 onwards. You can also customise colours according to your need!

    Warpworks makes tribal bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They will make a beautiful addition to your beachwear! Sushma has recently launched a Serpentine collection using Serpentine gemstone and my my, don't they look snakily bold! Other than that, they also have amethyst and crystals which make for a beautiful accessory to add.


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