Thai Golgappas & Tamarind Tales, Our Fave Pub Watson's Has A New Menu That You Must Try

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Watson’s in T-Nagar has a brand new food and alcohol menu with fusion elements and old-school items you probably grew up eating.

What Makes It Awesome

Namma fave pub Watson’s recently unveiled their new menu and it is gala time for meat lovers. They have options like Ribs Vindaloo, which is pork ribs marinated in vindaloo masala and roasted over a clay pot. Expect a distinctly Goan taste and an explosion of different flavours. This dish is priced at INR 300. 

If you love spicy food, you can choose from dishes like Beef Teriyaki, Chilli Pork Belly, and our pick Charcoal Grilled Prawns, which is tandoori grilled prawns with chatpata chimichurri and malai ginger. For appetizers we tried the Thai Golgappas (INR 175), good old golgappas with a twist - the sauce has Thai infused flavours and you can also pick a seafood filling for this dish. Veggie lovers, don't feel left out. Do try the Thai Curry, which is served with steamed rice and pickled cucumber salad and crackers. The combination of piping hot rice and the coconutty flavour tasted divine. You can also choose from dishes like Paneer Butter Masala with Butter Naan, Dhaba Biriyani, and flatbread pizzas. 

Enough about the food, let's talk about the drinks! We tried the Tamarind Tales and it was love at first sip. Remember munching on those tiny imli candies? This drink reminded us of sweet imli memories! This drink has vodka, mango, bell peppers, and a tamarind on a toothpick. The rim has sprinkled salt and chilly powder and has a rush of spice and sweet. Other interesting drinks include the Betel leaf-based Martini de Paan and Whisky-based Southern Sour.

Swing by this pub to gorge on some delicious food and even more delish drinks! 


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