Give Your Little Brat An All-Round Education With This Kiddy Club In RA Puram

    R A Puram, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Hey mommies! We knew that you have been looking for some good playschools for your little ones, and we found something you may like. Weebees, a children's club in RA Puram is the jam. A play space cum kindergarten school,  this place exudes a fun and inclusive vibe.  

    Weebees is the solution to giving your ankle-biter a wholistic and nurturing education (Hey! We know cause they are pretty serious about the environmental education they inculcate in the little ones). They foster a set of programs that not only involve your kid but also actively involve you in the learning process. They have sessions where parents are required to accompany their toddlers to a one hour class that involves lively activities like singing and art.

    They recommend you first attend the Parent-Child programs for about two months to acclimatize your little one with the school. These programs are held thrice a week and cost INR 8000 per month. Weebees’ Playschool program is for kids aged 1 to 3 years. The arena doubles as a cool party place for juvenile birthdays and a super awesome playground. They also offer after school daycare services for working parents.


    They accept fee payments annually as well as term wise.
      R A Puram, Chennai