Student By Day, Comic By Night: We’re Going Looney Over These Adorable Cartoony Illustrations By This Artist

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What Makes It Awesome?

Happy Fluffy Comics started by Akshara Ashok, a 22-year-old architecture student transforms the most mundane activities in our daily lives into the cutest and fluffiest works of art. Her comic illustrations are under the handle Happy Fluff Comics and are filled with tidbits of everyday life decisions we never really think about.

The main character, with her dishevelled bun and awkward expressions, is based on Akshara herself. The situations are super relatable - like making resolutions on Jan 1 and forgetting them on Jan 2. The Expectations Vs Reality ones will make you ROFL. Also, she makes customised drawings, so call her to get yours! (We loved her Xmas drawing). She also makes personalised wedding invites, and they are priced from INR 2,000.

Akshara is a self-taught artist and hand draws the comics first and then uses Photoshop and Illustrator. She is working on more merch now, so expect T-Shirts, badges, notebooks, and other stationery with this adorbs character soon!