Bee Healthy With Naturally Produced And Harvested Honey From These Honey Enthusiasts


What if we told you that we know where to get the worlds’ most expensive honey delivered to your doorstep? What if we also told you that all the honey you order from this website is 100% organic and unrefined? Yes, we have a secret and we are going to tell you!

What Makes It Awesome

It’s easy to pick up a jar of honey off the shelf of a supermarket and expect it to be pure. We did some research and found out that the honey offered by most brands is pasteurised and processed. Some products are even adulterated with jaggery or sugarcane. Wild Honey Hunters is a group of honey enthusiasts that apparently travel to forests around India, work with local tribes in the region and hand-pick the natural hives to harvest. 

This group believes in all-natural unadulterated, ethically extracted honey. The tribes they work with are all forest dwellers. Wild Honey Hunters directly harvest the honey and bottle it for sale. The honey is harvested upon receiving orders only.  No bees are killed or harmed in any way at any point during the harvesting process.

Wild Honey Hunters harvests multi-floral and monofloral honey which also varies in taste depending upon the season. The taste and colour of the honey depends on what flowers were in bloom during the harvesting period.  So no two bottles will be the same. They sundry their honey to reduce the moisture content and to stop fermentation. They offer a variety of honey including Moringa honey, priced at INR 700 and Kurunji Honey (the most expensive in the world!) at INR 1750. They also offer honey made using nectar from the mudakathan, moringa and jamun flowers.


They also offer honey and milk soap, so don't forget to check that out.