Try Asian Food With A Twist At This Newly Opened Restaurant By The Beach!

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What Makes It Awesome?

There are enough and more Asian restaurants in the city. What makes Wok Monk different? We will tell you why. The restaurant is beautiful especially during the evening- what with the sea facing view, and the yummy food.

There are some unusual dishes to try in the menu - one of them being Cendol Champion - a South East Asian delicacy, mixed with mung bean jelly, coconut milk, and palm sugar. The drink is sweet and refreshing and the jelly leaves you with a smile. This one is sure to enhance your taste buds. Move on to the dumplings, and we absolutely loved the Mixed Vegetable Crystal Dumpling - that tastes absolutely yummy with the chili sauce. Chuck the chicken and seafood dumplings for once and try their Crystal Egg Dumpling- this one is a winner. The minced egg, asparagus, with white seasoning is steamed to perfection. The dumplings literally slip down your throat and the filling is only an enhancer.

Besides salads and soups, we couldn't resist the mushroom satay that teased our taste buds thanks to the chili paste. Non-vegetarian lovers can most certainly try the Beef Satay or the Grilled Prawns.

If tangy is your thing, go try the Fire Cracker Lotus Stem - the sweet and spicy sauce makes this one a show stopper. The tangy flavour is our favourite, too. What is Asian food without broccoli? Try the Sholin Monk's Broccoli - which is deep fried broccoli wok tossed in green curry sauce. These fried delights can do wonders if you are having a rough day.

If chicken is bae, you must try their Ayam 36 Goreng - an Indonesian colonel's fried chicken. Have pizza of a different kind here. Yes, the thin crust pizzas don't have the usual tomato base. Here you can try different bases like Teriyaki, Randang, and Green Curry. The pizzas come on vegetarian or chicken option only. They also have rice and curry that are a part of the mains. Get transported to the other parts of Asia with dishes like Mee Goreng, Phad Thai, and Kari Bee Hoon.

Come to the desserts and we bet you cannot resist the Kawaling Pinoy - sweetened sago served with creamy mango sauce. Yummy!

What Could Be Better?

The place has flies which can get a little annoying while you are relishing your meal. 

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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