Get Your Meals Sorted With A Dose Of Healthy With This Delivery Service

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If healthy and tasty food is what you're looking for, you can get that freshly made and tailored to your diet requirements from Yummfit, an online meal delivery service. 

What Makes It Awesome

Yummfit, a meal delivery service, offers a quick and easy way of bringing you healthy and delicious food to your doorstep. Whether you're trying to get your diet right, lose weight or simply looking for convenience, these guys can nail those goals with their curated meals for both lunch and dinner. 

All you have to do is share your specifics them - whether it's a low-cal diet, high protein or high fibre diet, food allergies and they shall incorporate that into their base menu. As for the dishes, you can expect a mix of millet-based pizzas, Thai curry and rice, sauteed veggies and Spinach Chicken, Tofu and Paneer curries with brown rice and more. You can either order a single meal that starts from about INR 350, or if you're looking at something long term, you can choose one of Yummfit's plans (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly which include both lunch and dinner). 

Yummfit also does a lot of relatively healthy, baked items like wheat-based breads, buns, nut butters, sugar and butter-free cakes and more. Their flourless chocolate cake is quite popular. You can also opt for brownies, smoothies and more. They also offer keto and vegan meals and are always game to try out new dishes if you have suggestions. If you're the curious kind, you can always contact them to ask what the meal plan for lunch or dinner is, as it is something new every day and doesn't follow a set menu. 


If you wanna try a single meal, you have to call them a night before for lunch and by 3 pm for dinner.  


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