Unwind At This Spa In Ampa Skywalk Mall

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What Makes It Awesome

Located in the same line as Zimson in Ampa Skywalk Mall, we found an oasis of peace and calm called Za Spa (aka as Thai Sabai Spa). With a pleasant lemongrass aroma and soothing vibes, we found the place to be reminiscent of sitting under a shady tree after a long, tiring day. While the interiors are not all that fancy, the simplicity of the place and the option of treating ourselves to a massage after a lot of strolling in the mall seemed good enough a reason for us to check out this place. 

And no, we weren't disappointed with what we discovered. From dry Thai massages to pedicures, this place is your shortcut to calm and relaxation. Their head, neck and shoulder massage is perfect for releasing the tension in those pressure points. Prices start from about INR 680 for 35 minutes. If you're out for a proper spa sesh, go for Za Spa's full-body oil massage that lasts an hour and costs about INR 2290. 

They have two trained masseuses to attend to you. Apart from massages, Za Spa also offers pedicures and facial services to give your skin that golden glow. Prices for pedicures start from about INR 680, with their spa pedicure costing up to INR 1055. 


It's best to make a reservation before you go shopping at the mall as they have only two masseuses. 


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