10 Floors Up: Vibe—The Sky Bar

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A rooftop bar that specialises in cocktails and finger foods, the Hilton hotel’s Vibe–The Sky Bar is Gurgaon’s latest watering hole.

Eye in the sky

Enter the Hilton Garden Inn, hit T {for Terrace} on the elevator and 10 floors later you’re walking out into the open-air space of Vibe– The Sky Bar. Walk on the artificial grass and smooth wood-panelled floors, round the natural bend of the roof and you will find yourself facing a small pool, with wooden cabana seating on either side.

Cocktail cravings

As the sun goes down, the pleasant rooftop bar is suddenly transformed into a much more extravagant setting, with a variety of coloured lights slowly turning on.

Each cocktail here has a unique twist, and comes beautifully presented. We try the sweet Bubblegum Cocktail {bubblegum flavoured vodka}, refreshing Magic Guzzle {white rum, cointreau}, intense Laughing Zombie {white and dark rum}, khatta Achari Mojito {mango pickle in a mojito} and much more.

Finger food fever

The food here is finger foods in a contemporary style. We were served Blue Cheese Malai Tikkas, which was a standout dish for us, Raan Sliders, flavourful Wild Mushroom Kurkuri {almost like a mushroom spring roll}, Feta Cheese Beetroot Patties and Amritsari fish.

With unique cocktails, delicious snacks and one hell of a view Vibe–The Sky Bar is a great post-work or evening hangout spot. They plan to host themed nights with stand up comedy on Mondays, live bands on Wednesdays, Sufi nights on Fridays and nightclub nights on Saturdays.


Aditya is an avid devourer of football, food and convoluted stories. He also enjoys nondescript clothes and loud voices.