No More Junk Mail: 10 Minute Mail Lets You Maintain A Clutter-Free Inbox

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Sick of all the random spam mail that you keep getting on your personal email address?  Recently, we discovered this handy website called, which is a secure disposable email service to avoid getting spam emails and maintaining a clutter-free mailbox. In simple terms, it lets users create a temporary email address for 10 minutes.

What Makes It Awesome

Perhaps, you wish to sign up for a website but it requires validation emails to be sent to your e-mail address or you just want to read the content of a website but can’t do so without signing up for their newsletter. All of this usually ends up with you getting a bunch of spam alerts. 10 Minute Mail saves you from giving up your real email address and instead, you can use the ID provided by the website. It also lets you receive all the e-mails sent to that address, reply to them & click on links provided in each mail. All of this, for free. 

These e-mail addresses expire after 10 minutes but you can extend the mailbox time, if you wish. Moreover, your just-expired mailbox can be recovered before it is removed from the system (in case you missed out on anything).

The websites that you might be registering with could be selling your personal information. So, this website saves you from that risk, too!

What Could Be Better

You can't pick your own password. So, make sure to save the one that is automatically provided. 


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