Get Into Some Soulful Yoga With Rumi Saikia Pegu

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Yoga classes with a twist of recreational freedom and lots of energy, Yoga with Rumi is ideal for those looking for strengthening the core and mind.

Why Yoga’to Try Her Classes?

A beautiful, quaint basement space in the middle of bustling Hauz Khas Enclave in Delhi, Rumi takes you through step-by-step instructions of every pose and why it’s good for you. There is individual attention thrown at everyone, and you can ask as many yoga-related questions as possible.

A thoroughbred soulful experience for the mind, body and the heart, we say.

Yoga Style

Yoga With Rumi focuses on hath vinyasa Hath focuses on the power and love of the sun and moon combined; Ha meaning the Sun and Tha  meaning the moon, balancing the solar and lunar side of the body.

Home Tips

For practicing at home, try out Anulom Vilom. It’s a form of alternate nose breathing that activates both sides of the brain and clearing the nasal blockages; helping you breath better in all that smog and pollution. To know more about class schedules and how to get in touch with her, click here

How Do I Enroll?

You can directly call her or find her on Facebook here. She’s warm and friendly, and even offers her first trial class for free!


You can also engage in some cross functional training and mixed bag workouts, and combine them with your yoga practice to enhance them further here.


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