Tushar posted on 8th February

Day Drinking FTW: These Are Our 7 Picks For Sunday Brunches In The City

The lack of planning perhaps prevented you from skipping town this long weekend, but fear not, there’s always food {lots of it} to comfort you. We picked our top 7 weekend brunches; from Indian food, to Continental, and all the way east to Japanese, we have you covered.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive takes their Sunday brunches very seriously, and all for good reason. Their brunches’ reputation precede even the food. Although the brunches are studded with high heeled, bags in the nook of the elbow, Delhi glitterati, the food goes a long way in distracting. Choose from a massive spread of pizzas, pastas, soups and salads, all living up to Olive’s general high standards. They don’t allow a la carte during brunch hours.

Price: INR 2,895 {plus taxes} with unlimited alcohol

INR 2,395 {plus taxes} with unlimited non alcoholic beverages

INR 3,195 {plus taxes} unlimited alcoholic beverages including sparkling wine


Guppy really outdoes itself with its Sunday Hanami Table Brunch. You don’t get to help yourself to a buffet but you can order unlimited helpings of what’s on offer. Dig into a tonne of sushi, Udon noodles, Sweet Potato Teriyaki skewers along with their signature Gari cocktail or a bottle of wine.

Price: INR 1,685 {plus taxes} unlimited food & non-alcoholic beverages

INR 2,275 {plus taxes} unlimited food & alcohol


The brunch at Set’z probably needs no introduction, but we’ll throw it in for good measure. Instead of choosing pre-made dishes, you can get your meal customised according to your palate. They specialise in an array of cuisines including Thai, Italian, Continental, Indian, Japanese and even Hyderabadi.

Price: INR 3,250 {plus taxes} for the sparkling brunch

Fio Cookhouse

The brunch at Fio Cookhouse is an eight-course affair. And if you drink, we urge you to sign up for the Premium Tipple Sparkling Brunch and enjoy glasses upon glasses of their Chia Melon Martinis. They’ve also got brunch deals with soft drinks and sparkling wine.

Price: INR 2,299 {plus taxes} 8 course meal with unlimited soft drinks (Teetotaller Brunch)

INR 2,699 {plus taxes} 8 course meal with unlimited imported wine & beer (Tippler Brunch)

INR 2,999 {plus taxes} 8 course meal with unlimited sparkling wine (Premium Brunch)

Pa Pa Ya

Pa Pa Ya may come across expensive on the regular day but come Sunday and they’re ready to cram you stomachs with a variety of dishes {picking duck, corn cakes, dumplings etc} along with unlimited beer or sparkling wine.

Price: INR 1,900 {plus taxes} unlimited Sushi, Dimsum & Duck, add INR 1,000 and get unlimited Beer & IMFL

INR 1,500 {plus taxes} unlimited Sparkling Wine


Tucked away on MG road, Tonino has on offer a live pizza and pasta counter, soups, salads, and a giant dessert line up. Also, it’s an oasis of sorts – maybe it’s all the greenery and open architecture – but we find it’s the closest you’ll come to feeling like you’re not in an overcrowded city. The Sunday brunch sees a live wood-fired pizza and pasta section too.

Price: INR 1,840 {plus taxes} with two non boozy drinks

INR 2,040 {plus taxes} with two glasses of wine or beer

INR 2,240 {plus taxes} with two glasses of Sparkling Wine


In addition to the crazy Friday and Saturday nights, Bohca now hosts its own Sunday brunch. You get to feast on eggs, tapas, woodfire pizzas and drink cocktails sparkling wine. We love Bohca’s outdoor seating area, so if your day drinking plans don’t have a destination set yet, we say give Bohca a go.

Price: INR 1,899 {plus taxes} non-alcoholic brunch

INR 2,499 {plus taxes} with alcoholic beverages

INR 2,999 {plus taxes} with Sparkling Wine

Kylin Premier

Kylin’s got amazing food and an even better ambience, so if you’re in the mood for some Sunday brunching amidst their tented, al fresco decor, we say you book your spot right away.

Price: INR 1,995 {plus taxes} with red & white Sangria, cocktails, domestic beer & aerated Beverages

INR 1,495 {plus taxes} with unlimited mocktails & soft drinks