Looking For 24-Hour Chemists? Head To Sarai Jullena

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If you’re ever in a fix in the middle of the night, these are a few chemists {apart from the ones outside AIIMS, of course} that will probably be able to help you out.

Our Chemical Romance

Since these chemists are located just down the road from two major hospitals {Holy Family & Escorts} a handful out of the 15 or so that are there, stay open 24-hours. Our picks for the 24-hour chemists would be be Sitra & Max, both being as close to fully stocked as possible.

Be warned though; you may not get some specialty medicines here {we couldn’t find some that our gynae had prescribed} but all your basic needs will definitely be covered.

So, We're Saying

Head here if you’ve run out of something you need urgently, and remember it in the middle of the night.


Some of the chemists offer permanent 15 – 20 per cent discounts.