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This 24×7 Pottery Place Sells Pinterest-y Pots, Vases & Wind Chimes Starting At INR 50


    Last minute gifting emergency or just obsessed with home decor, we’ve found you a vendor in Ghaziabad who sells pottery and all things ceramic 24×7!

    Clayin' It Right

    On one of the main roads near Vasundhara, we came across a vendor named Raju who sells everything from Buddha sculptures, plastic hanging pots, ceramic vases to wind chimes, gullaks, earthen matkas and more. Raju’s products are lavishly displayed on a vast chunk of land and his colourful and intricately designed vases and statues will immediately grab your attention. His stall’s plastic hanging flower pots priced at INR 50 can instantly brighten your garden/balcony and if you’re looking for something chic and classy, check out the small pastel coloured ceramic flower pots starting at INR 150. Raju also sells elegant ceramic windchimes {INR 200} in blacks, dull blues, orange and even metallic colours that will make your room look like the ones on Pinterest when decorated with fairy lights and sheer curtains. Chinese ceramic hand-painted flower pots that can stand the heavy rains {INR 350} and ornately painted tall vases {INR 400} here are some of the perfect gifting options. The best part about this place is that it’s always open. So, backyard/garden re-decorations or home decor detailing, this is the ceramic haven you need to check out.

    So, We're Saying...

    24×7 vendor who sells pretty looking pottery & home decor at affordable prices is not something you come across everyday. So, head to Ghaziabad now, it’s worth the distance.