Three Is Always Better Than Two & More is Always Merrier When It Comes To Desserts

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What Makes It Awesome

The original Honey & Dough at Defence Colony already had me wowed by not just the taste and quality of their products but on price points too. From the macarons to the chocolates, the products were Honey & Dough's take on the familiar, don't miss the nut and raisin chocolate bars and speaking of chocolate even their centre filled chocolates make for an awesome treat or gift for that matter. They have Bailey's and Rum & Raisin which are a perfect candy for grown-ups. They also have a good handle on chocolate because even their cookies and pastries are a great value for money and they're delicious too.

When it comes to cakes, I was happy to have ordered the Belgian Truffle. If you're there for tea or coffee then keep space for a freakshake and a bite, try the quiches for a small bite or sandwiches if you want a meal. I loved the Ham and Cheese croissant and the Amritsari Chicken Tikka sandwich washed down with a Banana Mixberry Smoothie and finished with a Banoffee Pie jar.

What Could Be Better?

As much as I'd have liked the new SDA outlet to be bigger, it's quite impressive how well they have used the space they have!

What's My Pro Tip?

Now that they have opened at Dwarka and SDA market, there's an outlet in almost every corner of the city. SDA one is adorable since it has a cosy seating space on the mezzanine floor with free wifi!

Anything Else?

This is a great place to pick up gift boxes, they have one for every budget and you can customize them too. I choose one with cookies, cheese straws, centre filled chocolates, a tea cake and muffins and we had a box of treats sorted for the week!

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼