Egging You On: Rahul Eggs Corner Has Over 350 Types Of Omelettes!

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What Makes It Awesome

Located right next to Keshav Puram metro station, Rahul Eggs Corner specialises in omelettes and serves up over 350 different types of them. Egg enthusiasts, we think it's a great place to go for a sesh of mindless bingeing. 

The sheer variety at Rahul Eggs Corner is mind-boggling; They have a four-page, omelette-focused menu! Picking just one is pretty hard, but on the bright side, it means that you’re going to have to go back about 350 times.

In our experience,  The Tandoori Jalandhari omelette (available in chicken too) is probably the best omelette we've ever had. They also have a fat-free omelette, but we'd suggest you try their regular varieties—loaded with butter, oil and all that other good stuff.

It’s priced super reasonably, too. Winner, winner, omelette dinner.

What Could Be Better

The fact that they have limited seating. However, they’re happy to serve you in your car as well.