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The Sweet Sixteen | Meet the Dessert Bazaar's Line-up

Editors posted on 13th May

With the Dessert Bazaar four days away, we’re finding it dough to try and pick a standout dessert. Truth is, we wouldn’t know where to tart. So, we’ve decided to introduce you to our entire line-up so you can pick for yourself.

LBB presents the 411 on the Dessert Bazaar.

Brown Box | Fresh from this artisan bakery comes a hazelnut mousse, lemon cream cheesecake and staple favourite apple pies. What you don’t want to go home without trying is their Mars Bar Cheesecake! For a pre-cursor, click here.

Wake & Bake | Since they specialize in gourmet cupcakes using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world {chocolate from Belgium, Cocoa from Holland and Hazelnuts from Turkey}, you can be sure their red velvet cupcakes, chocolate Bailey's cupcakes and Mojito cupcakes will be perfection. For the non-cupcake loyalists {who are you}, get yourself a tiramisu or strawberry white chocolate parfait. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Sugarama | One of two Cordon Bleu chefs at our Bazaar will deliver fine ingredients, coupled with French culinary skills, masked as chocolate pralines {6 different flavors}, chocolate bars, macarons, caramelized and coated nuts, and éclairs. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Mimi’s Gelato | For hand-crafted gelato available in 8-10 flavours, using only the freshest ingredients, make your way to Mimi’s Gelato. In the mood for a little happy hour? Ditch the cocktail, try the liquor based ice-cream. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Lov n Oven| With lemon meringue tartlets, peanut butter and bourbon filled doughnuts, mini baklava cheesecakes, and triple chocolate mousse, we’re very appreciative of her love for the oven. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Feliz Papilles | Another Cordon Bleu return, chef Maya Patnaik Sibia will present an artisanal selection of moist banana and pineapple cakes, chocolate and mocha fudge cakes, citrus mini bundts, hippie cupcakes, blondie bars and cheesecake bars, and American cookies for a dessert to snack on while you look at the rest. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Ambrosia | Seasoned and self-taught gourmet chef Ritu Gupta will have on display Ambrosia’s biggest hot sellers, the ice cream cake and red velvet cupcakes!

Rose Café | If you’re a major fan of the vegan desserts they retail over at their Saidulajab HQs, catch their vegan banana cake and vegan chocolate cake, with a tangy lemon cake and espresso cake with a caramel glaze thrown in for good measure. For the savory cravings - ham and cheese tarts, spinach and corn tars and oatmeal cookies. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Fudged | Made from the finest Belgian Chocolate, they will make their way from Epicuria Mall to Hauz Khas Village to present to you some of their finest fudge flavours. There's also brownies, cookies, granola bars and chocolate crunchy on sale.  For a pre-cursor, click here.

Minimimi | Born out of necessity {mother of invention}, the crew over at Minimimi specialize in gluten free cakes, a healthy alternative for people with Celiacs or for those who prefer not to eat wheat.

Anandini Himalaya Tea | Each handmade tea blend is soaked with flavours of flowers and herbs, straight from the Himalayas, and in this case also iced, so you can beat the heat and wash down all the sugar. For a pre-cursor, click here.

All Things Yummy | Blogger, food enthusiast and experimenter Nimisha Goel puts the B in Bazaar with B52 cupcakes {orange, brandy & Baileys}, classic chocolate cupcakes, black forest and Toblerone cheesecake dessert jars, and lemon and vanilla cupcakes. For a pre cursor, click here.

Frugurpop | If you grew up on orange and cola bars, Frugurpop should be your stall of choice. Made from natural fruit with no added colour, flavour or preservatives, Frugurpops are gourmet Mexican Popsicles. Their Oreo frugarpop reminded us of our childhood days. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Bedazzled | A professional caterer, Bedazzled stars not Elizabeth Hurley, but Anandana Bhasin making excellent toffee caramel cake and ice cream cake, along with a few surprises. Stay Tuned. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Blue Tokai Coffee | They’re bringing coffee back, and more specifically, to the Dessert Bazaar. Blue Tokai will have on offer iced coffee, made from finely selected, home-grown coffee beans. For a pre-cursor, click here.

Smoke House Deli | For a stack of buttermilk pancakes and Smoke House signature shakes! For a pre-cursor, click here.

See you this Saturday, 17th of May, at Hauz Khas Social {Hauz Khas Village} for Little Black Book's Dessert Bazaar. Click here to know more, and follow us for regular updates here.