The poor undergraduate in us will always be grateful for the existence of My Bar. And as thanks for the years of service to our folk, we’ve decided to list all the things we keep going back for.

Forget fancy wine pairings, welcome to LBB’s list of F&B pairings that have stood the test of time at My Bar.

Masala Peanuts and Cheap Beer

masalapeanutsImage courtesy: Anshul Modi/Zomato

IMFL start at INR 75 and we usually go for those right off the bat. Some of us at LBB swing in to the bar to pre-game {often regularly}, and we stick to our usual masala peanuts and cheap beer to get our guaranteed happy buzz.

If this is the last spot on your pup-hopping list, then we’d go for the Jaeger shots {INR 315}. With the masala peanuts for luck, of course.

Chilli Chicken and Gimlet

Rum & Coke, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sours, and almost all of the cocktail list at My Bar goes with our favourite food item from the My Bar menu. Often, when we’re too bogged down by the work day, it takes only a Gimlet and Chilli Chicken to perk us up.

The Chilli Chicken is just the right amount of chinjabi with onion and capsicum dripping in soy sauce; a treat you must experience to truly understand.

French Fries and Vodka Shots

10410991_783735815076657_4418737191991145945_nWhen we’re shooting those Vodka bullets into our system, it is the good old french fries that come to our rescue. They come with a side of mayo and ketchup and are economical enough for repeats through the night.

Afghani Chicken and BP

A white-sauce chicken dish, this one is for those looking for some extra-comfortable comfort food. And they don’t even skimp on the cream factor. We recommend this purely from experience.

The Blender’s Pride will do good by you, but if that’s not your thing, alternate between rum & Coke, and beer.

Paneer Tikka and the AK47

paneertikkaImage courtesy: Anshul Modi/Zomato

While some of us can tank up, somedays we like to take it slow. One of the classic pairings we return to time and again is a plate of paneer tikkas {and the Murgh Malai Tikkas for strict non-vegetarians} and the hookah. The Paan is our go-to flavour and the AK47 hits the right spot.

Which one’s your favourite?

Where: N-49, Second Floor, Connaught Place; G68, Opposite Alka Hotel, Near Metro Exit 7 & 8, Outer Circle; 5136, Main Bazaar, Near Rama Krishna Ashram Metro Station, Paharganj; Third Floor, 28, Hauz Khas Village

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk; RK Ashram; Hauz Khas

Timings: 11am – 1am

Prices: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

Contact: +91 9711680800

Check out their website here. Follow their Facebook page here.