5 Delicious Things You Find At Every Delhi Wedding

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If you’ve been to a Delhi wedding {who hasn’t?}, you know how crazy it can be. In addition to the free-flowing alcohol and free-flowing gossip, there also seems to be an infinite supply of food.

Whereas we see people going the Thai, Chinese and even lobster way, there are a few staples we always find and that we’re very thankful about.

For a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding if you’re not putting on five kilos in three days.

Gulab Jamun

The quintessential Indian dessert, the gulab jamun has assumed immortal status.

You could have a table laden with all the exotic desserts ever, but amidst the lemon meringue, the tiramisu and the raspberry sorbet, you will find a large bowl of piping hot gulab jamuns {usually with the standard vanilla ice cream} and these are the first things to run out.


A chaat counter adds that extra dose of spice to any wedding. From chatpata golgappas to dahi-laden bhallas, to crispy crackling aloo tikkis—all topped with sweet and sour imli chutney, green mint chutney and sprinkles of assorted masalas—keeps us satiated yet coming back for more.

At any given point, the chaatwalla is possibly the most popular person.

Aloo & Chicken {Vegetarians, Read: Paneer}

Chilli potato, dum aloo, bharwa aloo, butter chicken, kadai chicken, chicken drumsticks, chilli chicken, chicken tangri, chicken tikka and more recently, chicken breast, baked potatoes and cottage cheese satay. Sound familiar?

Milky Coffee

A lot of weddings are now deviating {but, why?!} from those ancient massive coffee machines which emit an uber milky cuppa coffee followed by lots of froth making and a miserly sprinkle of Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate powder on top.

But, when we do find this, we make a beeline for it. Partly out of nostalgia, partly out of challenging ourselves to convince the uncle to give us double the chocolate.

Eye Candy

Admit it: This is the main reason you’re loitering. Urban Indian weddings are nothing short of real life Tinder. And this is the one scenario where you checking out hot men and women isn’t considered super creepy {as long as you don’t start following them around or whip out your gross pickup lines}.

The best part? Most people are inebriated, or at least in a festive mood so if you want to strike a conversation, this is your chance.


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