5 star for free

    Purva posted on 10 June

    What Did I Like?

    This isn't an ordinary cab, it's an Uber of an outstanding man. A secret service running around the city, walking its talk about its 5 star class. Vijay Arya isn't just driving an Uber, he is driving it with pride as he personalizes his cab to offer you all 5 star facilities you need. "I am not the man who is a driver, I am the man offering you some genuine respectful hospitality while you're in my company."

    What Could Be Better?

    No nothing can be better in a ride where you have free WiFi, packaged mineral water, power bank and a car freezer. When you are thinking you're getting late, he provides you with shoe polish, nail cutter, tissue papers all for free. He writes it as though a platter written on a menu, ask music player with WiFi connectivity or a dustbin for some binging snacks on the way, a ride with him is never boring. He has iPads for use and today's newspaper to read, a good purifier scent in which you breathe.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    While Uber charges for this premium treatment, Uber driver Vijay Arya offers it for free in his humble Swift Dzire, for nothing but his hospitality.

    Anything Else?

    Moral of the story? Think.

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