Treat Your Doggo To These 5 Toys & They'll Thank You Fur-Ever

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Woof woof, furrriend. Hope this letter finds you in the wettest of snouts state. I’m sending this love letter to tell you about five toys that are your birth right. In case you don’t have these, feel free to refuse that apple/chicken flavoured treat, sniff your favourite bone toy but don’t play with it and give those heartbroken looks to your human. After all, it is the duty of every human to get these toys for you, my fellow furriend.

Carrot Rope Toy

My human recently ordered this from Paw Pets. This adorable {and durable!} toy helped me pull through those hard days when carrots are hard to find in the market. In fact, by playing with these carrots, we are also ensuring our human has a good time as they get to see our cute faces digging into the bright and beautiful orange rope toy. Aren’t we so thoughtful? Just in case I missed telling you, these are made of excellent quality nylon fibre and non-toxic ropes, complete with sturdy green ‘leaves’ on top!

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HUFT Bob The Rabbit Dog Toy

They call it LOUD ENTERTAINMENT. I call it lots and lots of squeaky fun! Running around with a toy in my mouth, talking to my human through the squeaking of the toy and making sure I find the source of the squeak – these are a few of my favourite things! I know you find me awwdorable and that’s why I am sharing this secret with you. This toy by Heads Up For Tails is what my wags are made of, and you must add this to your collection right now. I said, NOW! Woof!

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Interactive Seek-A-Treat Toy Puzzle

Available on, this is one bucket list toy you need to blackmail your humans to get for you. Remind them of all their relatives in the US, be a good boy/girl and offer unlimited licks to give them the hint. Why I’m recommending this toy is because I heard human telling her furriends that it is great for mental stimulation and gives a lot of fun time to the two of us. She hides treats in it various pockets and I love searching for them. Once I am able to reach the right pocket, I get my favourite meaty treat! Now what could be better than that?

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PoochMate Rubber Stick with Rope

Wondering how I am so intelligent and sharp? Well, I can give at least 50% of the credit to my human, who got this magical toy for me and made sure I got enough exercise to increase my mental strength. The best part about this sturdy toy is that your human can stuff treats and even peanut butter inside it! It’s that pawsome? I would say, this is the pawfect way to encourage learning with fun. This toy is especially great with our little puppies.

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Choostix Dog Bone Toy

The brand Choostix is a favourite with most of us and this easy-on-the-pocket toy will last long enough to make the human happy as well. If you get bored easily, this is THE toy for you! My human gives this to me every time she is overworked because I then stay busy with it for hours together. And in fact, I prefer that human doesn’t intervene for those hours! I almost become a cat around this toy.

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