Did You Know About These 5 Things That West Delhi Has That No Other Place Does?

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Say whatever you will, a part of our heart will always beat for West Delhi’s famous streetfood waalahs or the gyms that we’ve never been to. In fact, it’s safe to say that the general spirit and vibe of the West has the ability to make you feel like home in no time at all. There’s safety in seeing that familiar parlour aunty who treats your eyebrows like her life’s mission, or the soya chaap man whose thela is bedecked in the brightest neon lights. Okay, you get where we’re going with this, right? Yes, these are the very places that make West Delhi the best Delhi.

Potter's Village

On the fringes of West Delhi lies a whole village of potters. There are curated tours that specially take you to this part of the city, so you can interact with local potters, pick up clay pieces at throwaway prices and end the walk with a puff of a hookah sitting with the village folk. A colleague who signed up for a guided tour has gone over the details here – let this account be an incentive to discover a new hobby.

30 Types Of Brownies

East Patel Nagar's got Brownie Point which is a known name in Mumbai, Pune and Dubai. Their claim to fame is doing 30 types of brownies that are prepared fresh every morning, and come in a host of novel flavours. If you still haven’t been, there’s a whole world of gooey goodness waiting in the form of melt-in-the-mouth Nutella, Red Velvet and Kit Kat brownies. Oh, and they even have them in healthier versions.

Asia's Largest Furniture Market

If you’ve been to Kirti Nagar, you’ll know that you’ll need at least a month of weekly visits to explore its many lanes. No matter what you’re looking for {or how lavish or measly your budget}, we promise you’ll find furniture, decor and soft furnishings to your exact brief. And, because it’s Asia’s largest furniture market, finding your way around might not be easy. So, here are our five picks to help make some sense of this maze.

P.S. This particular shop makes sturdy, teak furniture and we hear this shop has an amazing variety of fabrics if you’re looking to switch up the upholstery.

A Wedding-Themed Restaurant

No one loves ‘wedding sheddings’ more than West Delhi. They love a big, fat celebration, and because some good folks realised that it wasn’t fair to make hungry gabrus wait for a shaadi to have a feast, they came up with Band Baaja Baaraat. This restaurant actually prides itself for buffets that are inspired by wedding buffets. Bonus: They’ve got chandeliers and flower bunches to recreate them dilli wedding feels and the buffets start at INR 600 per person.

Ate too much? In West Delhi, you’re never going to go 3kms without bumping into a gym. Sign up, already.


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