No Entry: 6 Delhi Bars You CAN'T Go To For Drinks

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Oh, the idea of forbidden fruit; especially when it comes laced with alcohol—impossible to resist, we believe. Here’s a list of bars and clubs you absolutely can’t go to for a drink in Delhi {unless you’re one of the rare few that can, in which case, please take us with you}.

Delhi Gymkhana Club

A massive property and one of the oldest clubs of India, Delhi Gymkhana Club is a private membership club you’ve got no chance of getting into unless you wave that membership card in their face. They’ve got not one but four different bars—Main Bar, Kashmir Lounge Bar, Centenary Bar and Pub 1913—that sadly, you can’t drink at. We suggest you go through your friends list and find that one member friend and {subtly} ask them show you this forbidden drinking hole.

Delhi Golf Club

Putt a few balls, down a couple of drinks in front of the lush lawns of Delhi Golf Club. Only if you could. They’ve got a bar stocked full of your favourite liquor {that, too, on the super cheap}. The membership there will set you back over INR 12 lacs, so we suggest that, if you want to drink here, think long term.

Press Club

A meeting point for journalists, Press Club is a space you can only get into if you’re a part of the journalism community. They’ve got a state-of-the-art bar with cheap liquor stocked and waiting. Too bad you can’t get in. {Just kidding; who doesn’t have atleast one friend – or a friend of a friend – in the media}.

Defence Colony Club

If you’re looking for chilled-out weekend plans with beers and good food, Defence Colony Club is your Mecca. Except for the fact that you can’t get in unless you have a membership. Oh, and you can’t even get a membership unless you own property in the area. It’s time you make some Def Col friends and raid them for drinks. You’ll have to dress up to get entry, too; so retire those distressed jeans for the evening.

Country Club, Sainik Farms

Well, they don’t really have a bar you can drink at, per se. But, instead, they’ve got something even cooler—BYOB. Yep, you can carry your booze, order some snacks, and drink away to glory at this club. They also have a pool, so poolside drinking is also on the cards, if they allow it {you’d have to ask a member for more details, though}.

Secret Bar in Vasant Vihar

This place is such a well-guarded secret, we can’t even mention the name, and especially, where it is. The only way you can find out about or go to this bar is trying to find it via word of mouth! It’s a cosy space for only up to 15 people {perfect for small parties and offbeat dates}. They’ve got a mid-century vibe to the whole place – think a Don Draper-esque/Mad Men feel to it. They have a cigar section and a free-flow section where you can play your own music on a record player.

Even if you know the bar, you have to make a booking in advance to get access. The entry is, of course, super-secretive, where you’re given a key to the bar door {you literally open the door to the bar to enter it – secret, indeed}. Oh, and we’re definitely not talking about PCO!


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