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7 Days of Desserts: Millionaire Brownies from Sweetmoon Bakeshop

Rashi posted on 10th February

By Rashi Wadhera

What do you wish there's more of? Kim Kardashian selfies, or home bakers in Delhi? We want to say home bakers. But, unlike Kim K, the more bakers the merrier.

Especially if they can all be like SweetMoon. We're giving you all our personal pages from our Little Black Books, and Sweetmoon is on page deux. Handcrafted, gourmet and homemade sweets, savouries and treats, they're the kind of bakers that ace the perfect synergy between a home baking touch, and the gourmet-esque quality of perfectly manicured desserts.

They do a wide and staple range of sweet and savoury goods, including cupcakes, brownies, profiteroles, cheesecakes, truffles, rochers and quiches. But like any dessert specialist, some stand out more than the others, and can we just say them Millionaire Brownies, complete with a classic fudge, on a buttery shortbread base, layered with salted caramel and dark chocolate, just owned the regular walnut brownie family.  The generous cocoa sprinkle is this dessert's cherry. Our keyboard is wet.

As for other desserts, their chocolate cupcakes will remind you off the best kind of mother's touch baking {the cakes you'd take to school on a birthday}, and the vanilla cupcakes, not far behind. They'll also experiment with customisation, and design themes, but we'd recommend sticking to classic designs, so all the marzipan doesn't take away from their perfect flavour.

Okay, but did we tell you how good their Millionaire Brownies were?

Price: INR 80/brownie or INR 750 for a box of 9

Contact: For prices, orders, and catering call +91 8861742021 or +91 9811143253

For more information and to salivate, check out their Facebook page here