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Cigar Pipes, Leather Diaries & More: Here Are 5 Other Reasons Why We Love Dilli Haat INA

    INA, Delhi

    We recently visited Dilli Haat INA on a breezy weekday and were pleased to find cool stuff {other than just junk jewellery}. Here’s all the loot that we found.

    Leather Diaries & Knick-knacks

    In front of shop number 66 is a tiny stall selling knick-knacks like colourful wooden paper clips and tiny magnet clips {three packets for INR 100} perfect for DIY photo wall decorations. We also found cute elephant-shaped mirrors {INR 50} and antique canon shaped sharpeners {INR 200} that double up as paperweights!

    In case you like DIY a lot, stall FP 10 has intricate block prints in different patterns like that of trees, geometrical prints, peacock prints and the like, starting only at INR 50.

    What’s more – we found beautiful leather-bound diaries with handmade paper and delicate cover detailing that’ll make you want to jot down everything in it. Starting at INR 250 {small ones}, these diaries available at the stall near Tribe India are a great gifting option.


    At stall FP 5, we found minimalist tea and wine kettles {starting at INR 1200} made out of black stone available only in Manipur. They have small {INR 180} and medium-sized {INR 200} mugs that are chic and as light as plastic but look so much better.

    We’re also loving the cafe-esque ceramic purple cups {INR 100} and the simple hand-painted glasses {starting at INR 80} at stall number 122. At this stall, you’ll find beautiful hand-painted plates in floral patterns {INR 220}, achaar jars {INR 100} and cutesy condiment bowls {INR 150} that are #crockery goals.

    If you’re someone who likes natural and rustic cutlery, head to stall FP 10 for plain wooden spoons {INR 20} and carved wooden bowls with gold detailing {INR 80}.

    Home Decor

    Funky pillow covers {starting at INR 200}, ladybird and frog gamlas at stall 89 {starting at INR 200}, pretty marble coasters with flower prints {INR 300} and marble & stone candle/agarbatti stands {starting at INR 150} at the stall near FP 10 are just some of the home decor items that we’re totally digging.

    Also, any art connoisseur would love the knife-paintings at stall 94 that are created using only skillful knife strokes {no paintbrush used at all}. Starting at INR 500 {without frames}, these paintings are perfect if you want to add a bit of an artist’s touch to an otherwise boring wall.


    Dilli Haat INA is a paradise full of ethnic clothes and cloth material. We particularly love the stalls near Food Plaza that sell Indigo cotton, ikat and ajrak cloth material for INR 200/metre and Khadi Cotton for INR 250 per metre. They also have Indigo saris {starting at INR 2,000} and even Indigo scarves for INR 220 {yes, it’s an Indigo lover’s paradise}.

    We’re one of those people who love phulkari chunnis and at the stalls near the Food Plaza we were spoilt for choice. Starting at INR 600, you’ll find chunnis in all colours and patterns that you can very easily mix and match with different outfits. The artsy Indian woman will love the collection of flowy dresses with a 6 metre ghera {INR 1,200}, ethnic jackets {INR 800} and plazzos {INR 500} on sale at stall 107.


    Whenever we need beautiful juttis or daily-wear kolhapuris, it is Dilli Haat that we turn to. While we admit that the footwear here might be a little more expensive than the ones you get at Sarojini, you still have more options available and the Dilli Haat footwear also lasts longer. Starting at INR 300, you’ll find great kolhapuris and juttis {starting at INR 700} for both men and women at the first stall on the right side of the Dilli Haat entrance.

    Cigar Pipes & Hookah

    Yess, we found cigar pipes {INR 300} and wooden carved hookahs {which can also be used as chillums} in Dilli Haat for INR 550 {small one} and INR 850 {big ones}.


    A trip to Dilli Haat is incomplete without a plate of Chicken Momos and a Fruit Beer from the Arunachal Pradesh food stall. If you’re not a big momo fan, try the Rajkachori at the Rajasthani food stall or the Bhalle Papri there that’ll leave you a happy soul after all the shopping.

    Note: The stalls at Dilli Haat keep changing and the ones mentioned in the list may change location.

      INA, Delhi