8 Free Online Communities To Join In Gurgaon

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If you’ve just moved to Gurgaon, or have been around for a while but are looking to rendezvous with people who are just as crazy about cycling {or eating or drumming or reading}, this one is for you. Sorted by interest, here are some of the most interesting online communities in Gurgaon that you can join right now. Share tips, trade stories and plan to meet up, as soon as you hit the ‘Join’ button on these Facebook groups.

Cycling With Pedal Yatri

Need a break from Gurgaon’s rush hour traffic? Cycle through relatively pristine fields, villages or hills with 4,000 members strong, Pedal Yatri. The group meets almost every single day, at the crack of dawn, so you can get an invigorating workout in {the cyclists cover approx. 30 kms on weekdays!}. Check out four other cycling communities you can join here.

Binging With Gurgaon Foodie

There’s nothing like a shared passion for food to bring people together and Gurgaon Foodie is proof. Recipes are posted, pictures are shared and queries are answered on this group that means serious business when it comes to food. Now and then, meet ups are organised as well – the recently concluded Kashmiri Pandit feast gave us major FOMO. You could also check out Gurgaon Food Freak – the posts left us with a ravenous appetite.

Exploring With Gurgaon Trekking Club

This group combines a love for travelling, trekking and the outdoors. They plan lots of trekking trips {in the Indian Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan, frequently} with like-minded, young professionals from Gurgaon. They also meet regularly for early mornings of bird watching or rock climbing.

Off-Roading With Terrain Tigers

Terrain Tigers, a community of off-roading enthusiasts, meet up and organise events all over Delhi and Gurgaon. Regardless of your experience with off-roading, this group will have place for you. Their Facebook page is updated with information about upcoming races and events, by their 6,000 + members.

Eating Clean With Gurgaon Organic Farmer’s Market

Organic, clean and good-for-you produce, Gurgaon Organic Farmer’s Market is organised every Sunday so members can fill up their shopping bags. If you’ve been toying around with the idea of trying to grow your own fruits and veggies or are looking to make cleaner food choices, this group is for you.

Hustling With Gurgaon Startups

Have the next big idea? Join the Gurgaon Startups Facebook page and bounce it off fellow entrepreneurs, while asking questions and seeking expertise. For all of G-town’s hustlers, Gurgaon Startups is a super support system.

Splurging With Gurgaon Shopping Guide

If you’ve just moved to Gurgaon and need help sourcing home décor items, food supplies or electronics, we suggest joining this group. The community has almost 35,000 members, all shopping pros, that share information about new boutiques, retailing-from-home outlets or big brands.

Making Memories With Gurgaon Photographers Club

Envisioned as a free resource for budding photographers {pros are also welcome}, Gurgaon Photographers Club is a 5,000 plus strong community. A platform for sharing your work and facilitating mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise, the group organises talks and events regularly. The topics covered include photography basics and information about post processing techniques.

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