Eat, Drink, & Shop: Here's Everything You Can Do In CR Park!

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CR Park is a quaint little locality established post-independence, home to the refugee families from East Bengal. Since then, it has become the beating heart of Bengali culture in Delhi. Navigating through CR Park might not be easy for a first timer but we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things that make CR Park the Kolkata of our very own capital city.

Where To Eat:

Kolkata Hot Kati Roll

If you want to grab a quick bite of the delicious bhekti (fish fry,) prawn cutlets, pomfret fish, and special Chinese platter you should make a stop here. They offer authentic Bengali food at a reasonable price. 

Recommended For: Fish fry and Chinese platter.

Price For Two: INR 400 

Roll ‘N’ Roast

Right next to Kolkata Hot Kati Roll at CR Park Market 1, you will spot Roll ‘N’ Roast and although the two seem like competitors, we would recommend you try the rolls, specifically Kathi rolls here. The two eateries have similar prices.

Recommended For: Kathi Rolls 

Price For Two: INR 450 

Kolkata Biryani House

If you are craving a good biryani, the Kolkata Biryani House located at the CR Park Market II will come to your rescue. It’s the most authentic Bengali biryani that has eggs and potatoes in it. The serving quantity is good and is definitely value for money. Complete your meal with their mishti doi.

Recommended For: Kolkata special Biryani 

Price For Two: INR 400 

Amar Shonar Bangla

Located at CR Park Market II this is a go-to place for most people, even non-Bengalis for a quick Bengali meal. It is a small restaurant but is usually full of people and cheerful staff members. They are known for their special thalis.

Recommended For: Mutton Kosha and Fish curry 

Price For Two: INR 700

Dadu Cutlet Shop

One of the oldest shops in CR Park Market II, they serve the best fried food in the hood. Bengali folks in and around the city will go on and praising the rolls, cutlets, and chops that they get from here. It’s a great spot for a budget-friendly meal too.

Recommended For: Rolls and cutlets

Price For Two: INR 200 

Pro-Tip: The place opens at 5 PM so try to get there in time and grab your meal on the go since they don’t have a seating area.

Maa Tara

This restaurant specialises in Bengali cuisine. Although a small restaurant at CR Park Market II, you will always spot Bengalis relishing the food here. Their Maa Tara thali is a must-try if you are new to Bengali cuisine or are trying it for the first time. The restaurant is ideal for a pocket-friendly meal.

Recommended For: Mutton curry and special thali 

Price For Two: INR 600 

Raju Chaat Corner

If you are looking to try the famous Bengali Puchkas, Raju Chaat Corner at CR Park Market I is a safe option. This is a small well put together stall that serves Puchkas along with a variety of other chaats.

Recommended For: Puchkas

Price For Two: 100 

Annapurna Sweet House

One of the oldest sweet shops in Delhi NCR, you will get your stalk of the most authentic Bengali sweets here. From a good batch of  Rosogolla to our personal favourite Cham-Cham, we always make a quick stop at this shop to end our meal around the market on a sweet note.

Recommended For: Rosogolla, Sandesh, Cham-Cham and Rajbogh 

Price For Two: INR 100 for a serving.

Pro-Tip: The sweet shop does not have a seating arrangement so it is better to take the mithai on the go.

Kamala Sweets

Another place for good Bengali mithai would be Kamala Sweets at the CR Park Market I. This is also one of the oldest sweet shops in the market that has always been famous for its sweets. If you are in the first market, this should be your last stop after a meal to end it with a good serving of dessert. This shop is also known for its Sandesh, Cham-chams and mishti doi.

Recommended For:  Mishiti Doi and Bengali sweets

Price For Two: INR 200 

Café Shoshi

Started by two women, corporate workers turned entrepreneurs Soshi is your go-to café in CR Park. The idea of the café is such that it's your go-to adda. From authentic fish and chips to delicious Chinese food, they bring to you authentic food that is easy to eat over a conversation. What stood out about the café was the fact that their menu is also an edition of what the customers recommend them to add, so you feel welcomed. 

Recommended For: Fish & chips and Chinese food.

Price For Two: INR 400

Super Chai

Walk a few steps from Market I and you will find this go to chai spot. If you are at CR Park and want to indulge in a quick Chai session pre or post your shopping spree, Super Chai is a great option. We would highly recommend their Chai paired with a vada pav and if you are not a chai lover, they have hand beaten cold coffees and refreshing drinks that make this place a quick stop for all.

Recommended For: Tea and quick bite

Price For Two: INR 400 

Pro-Tip: We are confident that this will become your go to chai spot, to save yourself from a trip back to CR Park you can check out their six other outlets in Delhi NCR one of which might be near you.

Where To Shop

Fashion & Apparel

 If you are closer to CR Park Market 2, maybe walk a little, and you'll find plenty of boutiques here that will sort your wardrobe. To make things easier for you, we've found two of the stores that we personally recommend.

Slice Of Bengal

This place is heaven if you want to have a piece of Bengal in your closet. The store has tons to offer when it comes to dupattas, saris, and stoles. They also have a good range of menswear where they have stocked up on kurtas to full pyjama sets. While their dupattas are a little pricey at INR 2,200, we thought it was all worth it considering we had our eyes set on a Jamdani silk dupatta with detailing all over.

Pro-Tip: They also do sell online so, feel free to check out their website before you head to the store.

Peeli Kothi By Ambica

At first, while walking on CR Park main road, you might just miss out on this little gem but let’s just thank Google Maps that makes life easier. As you will climb down the stairs leading to the boutique, you won’t realise that you are in it for a big surprise. It’s a plush boutique that has sarees and dupattas from different states. They have Banarasi silk, Bandhej, Bhagalpuri, Chanderi, Dhakal, Kalamkari, Kantha, Patola, and Tant (cotton from Bengal).


Fish Market At CR Park I

If you go to CR Park Market I and don't buy the fish here, did you even come to CR Park? The moment you enter the market, there are gleaming pieces of Ilish (Hilsa), Katla (Bengal Carp), Rui (Rohu) and other seafood like tiger prawns, lobsters and crabs. The mixture of smells and sounds here bears an uncanny resemblance to the city of Kolkata.

Pro-Tip: The locals informed us that although this particular market is a little expensive if compared to the second but you get better fish here.

Fish Market At CR Park II

If you happen to stop by at CR Park Market II instead of I, you will see yet another huge alley of fresh fish here. Similar to the first market you can expect a variety here and at cheaper prices than the former. From a variety of sea food to the regular fishes, you will get it all right here.

Krishna Raagmala: House Of Music Records

Linkin Park to major pop-bands of the 90s, Indian classical music, Bengali classical music, scripts from the 80s, you name it and you'll find it all here at Krishna Raagmala. The store houses some of the oldest music records across genres and vintage goods that are worth checking out. The owner is a sweet chap but is usually extremely busy so you will be on your own to discover a record you are looking for.

Shambhu Book Stall

If you are looking for local Bengali magazines or newspapers, you can be assured that Shambhu Book stall will not disappoint you. It's an open stall right under the staircases inside the market. Owned by a fairly old man from Kolkata, book selling is his way of remembering his land. Do check it out and buy a book or two if you can to support.

Get Bengali Condiments And Spices

There are several food items which are typically found in a Bengali household, so in case you need to stock up on them or want to be introduced to them, the locally run shops at CR Park are the places you should visit. Starting from Kashundi (a tangy mustard sauce made from black mustard seeds) to Gobindobhog rice (a special variety of rice used to make kheer or khichudi) or some muri (puffed up rice crisps used to make jhalmuri aka bhelpuri), you’ll find it all. A stall we buy spices from usually is Kalyani general store.

What To Do

Enjoy The Adda Environment At Market I

The one things Bengalis love doing the most is indulging in some adda, better known as an area to chill or just the act of lounging. Come evening and you will see a bundle of activity everywhere on the streets and in the markets. The sight of people sipping on chai in small clay cups while discussing worldly happenings and watching some intense carom matches will instantly transport you to the lanes of Kolkata.

Visit The Kalibari Temple

Established in the 1970s, this temple is located in the centre of CR Park, on a hillock. Originally built as a Shiva temple, it now houses Goddess Kali in the main temple, and Lord Shiva and Radha Krishna in the two adjacent ones. The temple complex is used for hosting the annual Durga Puja pandal, various cultural programmes and melas that happen from time to time. Kali Bari also houses a library which includes several ancient texts giving an insight into Bengali culture.

Don't Miss The Durga Puja Festivities

If you happen to be in town during the times of Durga Puja, you must visit CR Park also known as Mini Bengal. From big pandals, traditional Bengali cuisine, decked-up Durga idols, Bengalis dressed in their finest and the commotion all around will make you feel like you are in the land of Tagore. 


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