Know Someone Who Hates Making Breakfast? Gift 'Em These DIY Mixes


    Know someone who wants to make and eat all the yummy stuff but with minimum possible effort? Or someone who is forever pinging you or scouring the Internet to find fancy recipes that can be made under five minutes and with three (or less) ingredients? Basically, that one friend who is lazy AF yet a big foodie too. Gift them a DIY mix from this list that has some of the most awesome brands (available on LBB) offering fancy DIY breakfast options. No sweat, easy-to-make scrumptious breakfast options, your friend will thank you for. 

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    Slurrp Farm

    pancake Mixes from Slurrp farm

    pancake Mixes from Slurrp farm

    My Sunday mornings are usually Slurrp Farm mornings. My kids and I are obsessed with their Banana and Chocochip Pancake Mix. Simply combine the mix with milk and egg (use melted butter if you don’t want egg), whip it up nice and smooth, pour it on a hot pan and within seconds you'll have yourself healthy and super yummy pancakes. Serve with dollops of cream/Nutella/caramel/fruits or whatever it is you fancy. Don’t miss trying their Beetroot dosa mix. It’s equally yummy!

    Price: Starting at INR 178


    Homemade Cake Mixes From Plattered

    Homemade Cake Mixes From Plattered

    Love the idea of a homemade cake but detest the prep and cleanup after? Plattered’s mixes will help you don the best baker hat without spending hours in the kitchen. Make the best brownies, cookies, banana breads for breakfast in under five minutes (no kidding!), and it will be a piece of cake (literally) to get the kids out of bed in the mornings. Just add melted butter and water and bake as per instructions on packet. They use the freshest of ingredients, premium cocoa, pure chocolate, use no artificial colours, and zero preservatives. I made their instant choco mug cake in 2 minutes flat. Beat that!

    Price: Starting at INR 249


    Dosa Sambhar Mix from Karamat

    Dosa Sambhar Mix from Karamat

    Dosas and idlis for breakfast sounds perfect but what doesn’t sound so good is getting up in the morning and making these from scratch. Just the thought of doing that makes me want to hit that snooze button hard. When I came across Karamat DIY idli dosa batter, I had to try it. The brand does easy-to-use mixes that will have you make idly, dosa, upma, vada, and sambhar, all without any hassle. Wondering about the taste? As good as your favourite South-Indian joint! Apart from the breakfast mixes, the brand also offers interesting options for marinades. Like kalmi kebab, hariyali kebab, shami kebab, thai, and peri peri. 

    Price: Starting at INR 172


    Healthy Mixes from Graminway

    Healthy Mixes from Graminway

    Graminway will make you look forward to that first meal of the day. No more skipping breakfasts as you are rushing out to be somewhere on time because Graminway’s delectable Indian ready-to-cook mixes will not take no for an answer. They've got a bunch of healthy Indian mixes like gluten-free khichadi mix, pongal mix, jowar upma mix and more. Want something more interesting? Try the Lentil Cheela Mix or Masala Poori Atta. Still not satisfied? Well, the Almonds & Chocolate Granola should do the trick.

    Price: Starting at INR 225

    Monsoon Harvest

     Monsoon harvest

    Monsoon harvest

    Just in when you are confused what to have for breakfast and you are in a mood to eat something healthy, we suggest you to stock up some of the best stuff from Monsoon Harvest. They have got multigrain flakes, ragi flakes, millet muesli, and so much more that it might just get difficult for you to choose from. Plus, they have bomb flavours. Think, millet muesli with cranberry and almond or with chocolate and orange peel - doesn't it sound yum?

    Price: Starting at INR 230

    Namhya Foods

    Namhya Foods has a range of healthy options and all of them are super yum. While they have teas and Kahwas, we suggest you to try their Sattu Instant Breakfast Cereal or their Instant Ragi Cereal that will make your mornings a lot better. The best thing is that these ones do not contain any preservatives so make sure to try this out. 

    Price: Starting at INR 420

    Calvay Food

    VegRich Assorted Power Breakfast - Pack of 5

    VegRich Assorted Power Breakfast - Pack of 5


    A power breakfast kickstarts your day, boosts your mood and what better way is there to consume all that goodness than with Calvay Food? This brand makes ready to eat Indian Breakfast dishes such as poha, upma, or even noodles. That's not even the best part. The brand's upma and poha is made from oats and all their mixes are packed with whey protein to instantly satiate your hunger pangs and also to keep you energized throughout. Ask us and we'd suggest you to thrown in some veggies and add an extra nutritious dimension to your brekkie. 

    Price: INR 325


    Rava Dosa


    If your mission for 2021 is to eat more healthy, then Kamaleya may be exactly addition you need to your kitchen cupboard. The brand makes ready-to-cook and nourishing mixes that help you make the move towards a healthier lifestyle. From pancake mixes to sort your breakfast scenes to Dosa, Millet Poha, Instant Noodles and Soup, they’ve got something for everyone. 

    Price: Starting at INR 60


    Red Rice Poha


    Possible's got a range of healthy protein and fibre-rich foods that you can add to your diet in easy steps. Kickstart your day with their Apple Cinnamon Oats Porridge, Quinoa Dal Dosa, Protein-Rich Upma, Red Rice Poha, Mighty Millet Idli and more. If you're not much of a breakfast person, opt for their Mango & Vanilla shakes, that have all the nutrients in a glass!

    Price: INR 150 onwards


    Now now, if you're specifically a cereal killer (see what I did there #surgicalstrike), get these breakfast cereals online.