This Small Book Kiosk Outside Janpath Is A CP Icon

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether it’s paperbacks of classics or the latest bestsellers, there aren’t many books you won’t find at New Book Land; a small kiosk right next to the Janpath entrance. If you still love the feel and hold of a book while you get lost in the story, this is for you!

It was years ago while looking for a book that I stumbled upon this tiny, circular kiosk right outside Janpath. The owner is helpful, and handed me what I was looking for before I had finished speaking the name.

Just walk over and ask for your read of choice, and unless you’re looking for a limited editions or other really hard-to-find books, there’s a good chance you’ll get it here.

What Could Be Better

You might not always find rare, lesser-known books here. 


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