Get Your Game Face On At This Affordable Gaming Centre

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What Makes It Awesome

NxGT Gaming Lounge located in Kamla Nagar can usually be found to be full of college students, though they have a lot of gaming stations to make sure everyone gets a spot. Head here for the uninterrupted gaming sessions you’ve been craving.

Gamers (duh), though that also includes those who’re thinking of getting into the hobby but have never been able to. Their prices are affordable, and the whole vibe of people getting together in the same room to virtually battle it out is something any type of gamer would like.

They have five PS4’s, three PS3’s, 2 XBox One’s and 10 PC’s to cater to pretty much all types of gamers. We were impressed by their collection of games, too. From Dota 2 to The Last Of Us, just ask them for the title you want to play and chances are they’d produce it for you.

As we mentioned above, what sets them apart is their affordability; they charge INR 250 for a PC day pass and INR 300 for a night pass (prices separate for separate controllers on the same console).

If you’ve grown tired of being huddled in front of your computer playing games with nameless strangers on the Internet, this place is perfect to bring that LAN party vibe back to your gaming sessions.


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