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    Now Get Flowers, Groceries, Fresh Meat, Pet Food And More From Your Local Stores Delivered To Your Doorstep With ‘Swiggy Stores’


    Swiggy is making our life easier by expanding into delivering household items from local stores in your city! Swiggy Stores launched in Gurgaon on 19 Feb, connecting you to every local store in the city to your doorstep, through Swiggy App.

    What Is It?

    Your benevolent local food delivery friend, Swiggy, is now taking things up a few notches. With their new offering Swiggy Stores, they are all ready to be your convenient partner to deliver everything from groceries to household items and medicines to your doorstep.

    How Does It Work?

    Swiggy Stores in Gurgaon has already tied up with local stores of various categories including paan shops, baby care stores, health supplement stores, fruits and vegetables vendors, Kiranas, Supermarkets, pet care stores, fresh meat stores, florists, gourmet and organic stores. 

    Partners of Swiggy Stores in Gurgaon include 

    24 Seven
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    Easy Day
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    Kisan Mandi by At cost
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    Needs Supermarket 
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    *Please note, the links are applicable to Gurgaon and on mobile only.*

    To access this super convenient feature, go to Swiggy Stores on your Swiggy App, discover popular stores around you from an exhaustive list, add to deliver and live track! The payment for items will be the same as the payment process for food delivery on the app. 

    Anything Else?

    Known for decoding the delivery game successfully, Swiggy has now ventured into almost-everything-delivery. With a strength of 1.25 Lakh delivery personnel on field, the company feels quite confident with Swiggy Stores. And we’re confident in their confidence!

    For Gurgaon, Swiggy Stores has been launched on the Swiggy App and is fully functional. Eventually, the plan is to extend Swiggy Stores to other cities as well. Well, update your Swiggy App now to experience unparalleled convenience by Swiggy, again! 

    Next time you need groceries, just Swiggy it!

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