Gorge On Jhol Momo, Nutella Momo & Ema Datchi As Yeti Is Now Delivering

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've been looking to eat the yummiest of momos (that aren't the usual street-side ones), and delicious noodles, Yeti in Connaught Place is the restaurant that you should be heading to (or ordering in from) for a hearty meal.

As you enter, you'll be welcomed by warm interiors that will instantly light up your mood and you might just end up clicking plenty of pictures for your Instagram. Similarly, their food and plating look way too pretty to eat (I stared at my plate for a few seconds before I ate it all). 

I opted for their Thenthuk (Eastern - Tibet style hand-pulled noodle soup), then tried their Spicy Fried Chicken, Jhol Momos (it was tasty to another level), and finally, ordered the Yeti Veg Platter (Aloo Sadeko, Bhuteko Chana, Wai Wai Sadeko, and Tingmo).

By this time, I was officially in a food coma. And guess what? It doesn't end here. Their very polite sever, Akash insisted that I should try their Nutella momo called Yomari. At first, since I do not have a sweet tooth, I thought of giving it a miss but glad that I didn't. The dumpling melts in your mouth and the best part is that it has the perfect balance of sweetness and doesn't give you a crazy sugar rush.

For drinks, you should definitely try their Yeti Special or Ming Magical, and you'll definitely love every sip of these.

What Could Be Better

We absolutely loved everything there, however, since their space is not too big, you might have to wait for your turn during weekends. However, we recommend that considering the situation right now, you should opt for ordering-in through Zomato.


Their pork dishes are a must-try as well. If you are a pork lover, do try their Masala Pork, Pork Mothuk, and Pork Shabalay. 


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