Gulmeher Makes Beautiful Handmade Eco-Friendly Products From Flower Waste!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are all about green things - Gulmeher is one brand that will not disappoint you..More than anything else, I love the initiative behind the brand - it was started to provide alternate livelihood opportunities for women waste pickers of India’s largest landfill area - Ghazipur.

Every morning, women at Gulmeher goes and collect flower waste from the flower mandi which is also tagged as India’s largest flower market and make colourful handmade products using the waste materials.

From getting the traditional Diwali diyas to natural Holi colours, calendars, gift cards, rakhi bands, photo frames and diaries - you name the product and Gulmeher has it all. What’s interesting is that if you have some kind of waste cloth or waste materials at your home - you can give it to Gulmeher and get yourself personalised items. Isn’t that interesting?

Once known as waste pickers these women are now being called as artisans as they are fully trained to make eye-appealing products.

I personally love the Marilyn Monroe painting and the small mini coasters made using all things waste.

So, if you are an eco-conscious citizen or simply a person who loves such initiatives or stories behind a product - I bet Gulmeher will touch your heart!

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