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No More Longing Looks At Dessert, This Chef Makes Diabetes-Friendly Treats

What Makes It Awesome

A Diabetic Chef is a one of kind diabetes-friendly desserts service that started when the 21-year-old Harsh Kedia saw his fellow diabetics craving desserts. With the idea that desserts are for everyone, he developed diabetes-friendly recipes for traditional sweets and desserts. They make some mean sugarfree chocolate cupcakes, Oreo brownies, and old monk infused dark chocolate brownies.

What's My Pro Tip?

These desserts can be enjoyed by anyone, you don't necessarily have to be diabetic to order from here. So if you are looking for healthy dessert options, you know where to order from now.

Anything Else?

They only operate through delivery, so you can either place your order online or call them on 9820032093. To read more about them, you can check their Facebook page here: {} and Instagram page here: {@adiabeticchef}.